The Best Carpet Cleaner

In Centurion Services, we give the very best commercial and residential carpet cleaning to each Pointe — Park, City, Farms, and Woods. And for many of you Grosse Pointers who prefer to devote your evenings on Lake St. Clair, we also supply boat carpet cleaning. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support with exceptionally effective, wholesome rug cleaning. As soon as we’re completed, your rugs and fine rugs rugs will probably be cleaner they then ‘ve been, but you won’t need to be worried about the wellbeing of children and pets. That is because we only use products which are secure and environmentally friendly.

These technicians will hear your concerns and unique requests, thoroughly assess stains or issue areas, and also do everything possible to find the work done correctly.

Furthermore, when you’ve allergies victims in your house, you’ll be delighted to know our cleansing agents are quick-drying, plus they don’t leave behind tacky residues or additional wetness. This guarantees that mould doesn’t develop. Additionally, our carpet cleaning methods can remove a great deal of common allergens found in the majority of homes. All this makes for a healthy living environment, reassurance, and — ideally — fewer sick days for children and parents.

If you have one of the gorgeous restaurants, offices, or even stores in the Village, on the Hill, or even at the Park, you wish to present the very best impression possible to customers, guests, and clients. And Centurion Services will help you make the best picture for your institution with all the cleanest, freshest carpeting conceivable. Much like you, we stand by our reputation, and when we neglect ‘t force you to look your best, we don’t look great .

A good deal of companies in Grosse Pointe are dog-friendly, which ‘s lovely, but our budding buddies can create messes and depart scents behind them. Additionally, the summer months bring on fish fly infestations, and clients and workers frequently attract these smelly pests in together whenever they enter your building. In case you have carpeting on your retail institution, office, or restaurant, then Centurion can restore it to its former glory and then remove undesirable odors. Or, if your floors are tiled, then we supply the very best grout and tile cleaning solutions in the region.

And give us a call in 1-800-722-8855 to reserve a consultation or reach out to us via the contact form on the site.